Thursday, 28 January 2010

Craziest 2 nights of the year!!!!

well me an Harriet have had the best Monday and Tuesday of the year so far :)

Monday started oh so civilized, just a few drinks and lunch with our friend Carl. but a few drinks soon turned into making our way to mayhem, drinking so much we can just stand up! we stayed in mayhem until the very end at 3am! while making our way out of mayhem we met some lovely barbers that dragged us down the casino until 6am! they spent their time buying us yet more drinks an teaching us how to gamble. after the casino we then went back to theirs in Rochford for a champagne breakfast! at about 12pm me ant Harriet decided to head into town for a fry up, regardless that we hadn't slept yet and looked like we were street walkers, but on the way we made a pit stop at Rochford market where i purchased a very pretty fly bracelet! After our amazing breakfast that was devoured in 5 minutes we had a little shopping spree then both went home to prepare ourselves for more carnage that night!

Well once we were both washed an changed we all met up at the Alex for a few drinks. these few drinks once agin became a lot more! we left the Alex at 12am an made our way to the Clarence Yard to see some friends. we then all decided to carry on drinking at our friend Phil's house. and once again i didnt get home untill about 11.30am!

ahhhh how do we get the energy for all nighters? Crazy times!!! all i have to say is these two nights were amazing an i wanna thank Harriet for that :)

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